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Wheaton in China 2013

Wheaton in China 2013 offered 12 lectures in total, integrated with 14 or more visits to famous cultural and historic sites as well as international companies in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, and other cities. Classes, lectures and discussion sessions made up 78 or more 60-minute sessions of instruction in total.

Program Highlights

  • On-site cultural orientation 
  • Courses taught by Wheaton faculty members with lectures by local experts 
  • Behind-the-scenes look at a variety of businesses in China 
  • Visits to cultural and historical sites in Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing        
  • Worship in local churches 
  • Personalized and caring approach conducive to concentrated study 
  • Guest house in Guangzhou as home base for lodging and instruction 

Home Base for Lodging and Instruction

The first four weeks of the program were held at guest house located in the northern suburbs of Guangzhou. The Wheaton professors leading the program were also on site. Classes were held in the main activity building, and students will enjoyed the use of recreational facilities, which included a soccer field, game room, library, music room and movie theater. The lodging facility was in the corporate campus of a foreign-invested company. The company provided the backdrop for much of the Business Chinese course offered.

Sunday Worship

While in Guangzhou students had two options for Sunday worship. One was exclusively for foreign nationals and the other includes local residents.

Field Trips

Professor Condrell has lived in Guangzhou over 20 years and has a number of contacts who opened their doors to Wheaton students. We visited a number of businesses to observe different business models and interview the managers and owners. We also visited a number of not-for-profit organizations and meet the organizers. Finally, we visited some cultural and historical sites. The “off campus” experiences were a valuable part of what the students experienced in this summer program.

After the Trip

At the end of the program most students departed from either Guangzhou Baiyun Airport or Hong Kong Airport. Some students stayed on in China beyond this time. Some chose to travel; others chose to teach English short term. Students were encouraged to do either or both, but they were responsible for making their own arrangements whether for work or travel.