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Opportunities and Information

For those studying Chinese at Wheaton

Chinese Language and Culture Club (CLACC)

The Chinese Language and Culture Club (CLACC) promotes learning, appreciation and understanding of the Chinese culture on Wheaton's campus and in the surrounding community. Club activities encourage and provide fellowship for students with an interest in China to share and cultivate their knowledge of the Chinese culture and language as well as to enlarge students’ worldview through their interacting with all of God’s world from a Christian perspective.

CLACC Board 2019-2020
President: Harmony Zimmerman '22
Vice President: Jonathan Kim '23
Publicity Coordinator: Boyd Allsbrook '22
Business Manager: Louisa (Luyi) Wang'21
Advisor: Prof. Rose Wang 


YouAi (友·爱) is a monthly event, hosted jointly by the Chinese program and the Chinese Language and Culture Club, which aims to create an all-Chinese speaking environment, a mutual support network, and an interactive community among students of Chinese. YouAi is required among students of Chinese upon declaration of the major or the minor. YouAi students will have the following opportunities:

     -  Mentoring relationship between upper- and lower-class students
     -  Connection to alumni of Chinese major or minor
     -  Advice on career and study abroad planning
     -  Monthly member-only activities both on and off campus
     -  Opportunities to lead Wheaton Chinese Language and Culture Club
     -  Fulfillment of the “Cultural Awareness” requirement in the Chinese Major Portfolio (Only applicable to
         students whose study abroad requirement is waived due to their prior experience living and studying
         in the target culture)
     -  Other potential opportunities

Advisor: Prof. Rose Wang 

Asian Studies Track - Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies - Asian Studies POS draws upon the expertise and courses relevant to Asia that are available at the College. It provides academic training for fields such as diplomatic service, education, missions, religious studies, business, international law, journalism, and history, as well as graduate school. In addition, the Asian Studies track encourages various summer programs to Asia, including the China Studies Program of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities. 

Pui Tak Center

The Pui Tak Center (培德中心) is a church-based community in Chinatown, Chicago where students can go to tutor Chinese children or adults in ESL as well as hone their Chinese language skills.

The Language Resource Center

The Language Resource Center (LRC) is a facility intended to provide the resources for current language students, those studying on their own, faculty and staff who need to pursue the study and improve of their language skills. It provides TellMeMore Chinese language software, a catalog of Chinese movies/DVDs and the equipment for viewing them and audio equipment for listening to class-related materials. 

Mandarin Table

Students meet in the cafeteria for casual conversation and Mandarin language practice over dinner once a week. Anyone belonging to the campus community who is interested in using or improving their language skills, or discussing and experiencing Chinese culture together, is welcome to join the group. Look for the table with the small Chinese flag (red with five gold stars).
Time: Thursdays 6:30 - 7:30 pm
Location: Anderson Commons dining hall (aka SAGA)

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