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German Major

Requirements for a major in German are 32 hours in German language, literature, film, and culture courses which include:

German Core Courses (16 Hours)

Course Title Hours
341 Contemporary German Culture 1  4
342 Contemporary German Culture 2  4
343* German Cultural Identity from Charlemagne to the Berlin Republic [GP/HP] (*taught on-site in Munich and Berlin during Wheaton in Germany)  4
494-1 or 494-2 Senior Capstone Experience  4
Select two 300-level topics courses from the following combinations: either two different versions of GERM 351, two different versions of GERM 361 or one GERM 351 and one GERM 361 course. (8 Hours)
N.B. Secondary Education majors in German will take a GERM 371 and one other 300-level topics course to satisfy these eight hours.
351 Topics in German Literature [LE]  4
361 Topics in Language and Cultural Studies  4
Select one 400-level elective in German (4 Hours)
431 Other Germans: Turkish and Minority Experience [GP]  4
432 The Holocaust and Contemporary Jewish Experience [GP]  4
437 Topics in German Language and Literature  4
Wheaton in Germany / Study Abroad (4-12 Hours)
(These courses offered in Germany only.)
343 German Cultural Identity from Charlemagne to the Berlin Republic [GP/HP]  4
496 Internship in Berlin (arranged in conjunction with Wheaton in Germany)  4
489 Special Topics  4
Secondary Education
371 Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages
(371 is required for secondary education candidates)

Study Abroad

A period of study abroad in a German-speaking country is required either through participation in the month-long Wheaton in Germany program (GERM 343) followed by a four-week internship in Berlin (GERM 496) or by completing an equivalent semester abroad program (at least 8 hours of which must be taken in German) with an accredited academic institution in either Germany, Austria, or Switzerland to be arranged and approved in consultation with the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and through the Global and Experiential Learning (GEL) Division at Wheaton. (N.B. For students choosing the semester abroad option, an accompanying internship is also recommended.) Credits earned during a semester of study abroad may be applied either to a second major (with the approval of that major department), to the German major, or (upon approval) to both.

Nota Bene

Students anticipating semester-length study abroad should consult with their advisor as early as possible to select the most suitable program for their interests. All programs must be accredited by a U.S. four-year college or university, or by the International Accreditation Association of Colleges and Universities.

German Secondary Education (required courses include)

GERM 341, 342, 343 (summer Wheaton in Germany program or equivalent semester abroad program); either GERM 351 or 361; GERM 371; either 431, 432, 437, 489 (offered only in Germany) or GERM 496 internship, and either GERM 494-1 or 494-2 (Capstone Experience). While a full semester in a German-speaking country is highly recommended, the study abroad requirement for majors with a secondary education focus will be considered met via the summer Wheaton in Germany program (GERM 343) followed by a four-week internship in Berlin (GERM 496) as noted above. Students must also achieve at least an ‘Intermediate-High’ rating on an ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) taken upon returning from their study abroad experience or as recommended by advisor. Please consult the Education Department for a list of Education courses and general education courses required for teaching licensure.


German Minor Requirements

Students must complete 20 hours including GERM 341, 342 (required); two 300-level courses from the following: GERM 343 (summer Wheaton in Germany program), GERM 351 and/or 361 when offered as a different topic in order to fulfill the requirement; and one 400-level course: either GERM 431, 432, 437, or 489. Completion of the GERM 496 internship also satisfies the 400-level course requirement for the German minor. (N.B. Participation in the summer Wheaton in Germany program is highly recommended.)