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Classical Languages - Greek, Latin, Hebrew

Greek Text Book

The Classical Languages Major

As a student of Hebrew, Greek, and Latin at Wheaton College, you will develop an awareness and appreciation of the languages and cultures of the ancient world through encounters with original texts. You will discover in these texts our shared cultural heritage and recurring questions of human existence.

Within the Classical Languages major you will have the opportunity to choose an emphasis in one of the three languages with a view to reading and working with texts of the Hebrew, classical, and Christian traditions. In addition to the area of emphasis there is opportunity to branch out into the other two languages. Periodically, courses in yet additional languages (e.g., Akkadian, Aramaic, Ugaritic) are also offered.

In addition to encouraging you to master the languages, we wish to stimulate you to grasp concepts and shape your own, to ask significant questions and to seek answers to them, to develop original ideas, to become intellectually self-motivated, and to give great attention to accuracy in the use and interpretation of your languages.

[Studying the Ancient Languages] has unlocked the structure of language, teaching me to be an analytical reader and precise writer. — Isaiah Fasoldt 11
Studying the Classics gave me room to explore not just language, but history, philosophy, literature, and theology. It challenged and expanded my mind—and changed my life. — Alicia Hall 01