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Student Employment

Although the pay we can offer is very limited, offering you the opportunity to work for our department provides you with valuable teaching experience, will help you to learn the course material much more thoroughly, and is considered by us to be almost essential if you are applying to WheTEP or thinking of attending grad school.

Calculus Lab Workers

Every semester, several majors are needed to work in a calculus lab on Thursday. We also need some students to conduct a study hall on Wednesday evening. Students planning to apply for the WheTEP program need to assume some kind of teaching responsibility in the department -- a semester working in a calculus lab is the usual way. Please see the math secretary if you are interested.

Teaching Assistants

Some of our advanced students are used as teaching assistants in specific classes. Possible responsibilities include attending class sessions and assisting with group work, grading homework and quizzes, and conducting sessions. Please contact the department chair if you are interested.


Qualified students can be placed on a list of tutors which we share with the community. The level is usually high school, and the pay is substantially higher than what we can pay our assistants and calculus lab workers. Please see the math secretary if you are interested.