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David Maas, Ph.D.

History Department

Professor of History Emeritus
On Faculty since 1970-2010

Email: David.Maas@wheaton.edu


Ph.D. History, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1972

M.A. History, California State University at Los Angeles, 1964

B.A. History, Wheaton College, 1962

Taught at Wheaton 1970-2010

Dr. Maas taught American History Survey and the Civil War class at Wheaton. He has always had a professional interest in the story of the "losers" and neglected average people in American history. Trying to uncover their stories has led him most often into primary documents in local history.

Personal interests mainly revolve around his family: wife (Bobbie), 4 children (David, Pam, Beth, and Daniel) and 15 grandchildren. Dr. Maas ran a professional photography business from 1972 until 2004; in his spare time he enjoys fishing and reading.