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History Courses

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General Education Courses

Consult the  General Education section of the Website for specific information on general education requirements in History and for the policy on transfer credits.

HIST 101          Exploring the Past
HIST 105 World History
HIST 111 World History, Ancient to Modern (required for History/Social Science majors; recommended for elementary education majors.
HIST 115 World History to 1600 -- Not currently scheduled


Core Research Courses
HIST 295           Introduction to Historical Inquiry (2)
HIST 494 Christianity and Historical Study (senior capstone)


Sampling of U.S. History courses
HIST 351           American History to 1865
HIST 352 American History from 1865
HIST 355 History of Women in the U.S.
HIST 391

Topics in History. For example:

  • “Theodore Roosevelt and the Making of Modern America”
  • “Women's Voices in U.S. History"
  • "The Great War at Home"
  • U. S. History since 1945
HIST 382x U.S. Foreign Policy
HIST 448x American Economic History
HIST 451 Topics in American History (upper division seminars) (2 or 4)
HIST 455 American Urban History
HIST 483 History of Christianity in North America


Sampling of European History courses
HIST 345           Medieval Europe to 1300
HIST 346 Renaissance Europe (1300-1600)
HIST 347 Family and Society in Early Modern Europe
HIST 348 Revolutionary Europe (1789-1870)
HIST 349 Origins of Contemporary Europe (1870-1950)
HIST 374 Nazi Germany
HIST 377 British History to 1688
HIST 378 Britain Since 1832
HIST 479x The Reformation


Sampling of World History courses
HIST 292           Latin American History
HIST 331 Cultures and National Identity in African History
HIST 334 Society and Politics in East Asian History
HIST 341 Ancient History: The Rise and Fall of Emires
HIST 361 Contemporary World History
HIST 391 Topics in History (2 or 4).  For example:

Atlantic World
Latin American Christianity
Modern Middle East
Modern Russia

HIST 477x World Christianity Since 1800


History of Christianity
HIST 305           Introduction to the History of Christianity (2)
HIST 477x World Christianity Since 1800
HIST 478x History of Christianity to 1900
HIST 479x The Reformation
HIST 483 History of Christianity in North America
HIST 489x Colloquium in the History of American Christianity (2 or 4)


Additional Opportunities
HIST 311x, 312x                  History of Philosophy
HIST 495   Independent Study
HIST 496   Internship
HIST 498   Honors Tutorial
HIST 499   Honors Thesis


History/Social Science
HIST 324           Methods of Teaching History/Social Science (2)
GEOG 211 General Geography (2)