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Student Testimonials

Hear why English students value the major and Wheaton's English department.

Jasmine Park ‘15

“Studying English at Wheaton College is a great privilege because the professors are equipped with expertise in their subject area and passion to lead the students to be wiser readers and writers. Your peers are not only intelligent, but they are also not afraid to be academically vulnerable with each other. With your friends being both kind and high-achieving, it’s hard not to want to keep growing as a critical thinker and articulator.”

Josh Christenson ‘16

“The best part about Wheaton’s writing concentration is that you have professors, who are writing themselves, who are genuinely interested in discussing your work and helping you get better.”

Marisa Tirado ‘16

“I love majoring in English because I feel like I don’t have to be a ‘type’ of person to be an English major. I can be the most expressive and individualistic form of myself. When I experience literature and writing I become different in the ways God intended me to be as I broaden my knowledge and my skills.”

Bethany Weidemann ‘15

“We receive excellent teaching from all our professors, and I know that I have grown immensely in my knowledge of and appreciation for the works and authors I've studied in my three years so far at Wheaton. I find myself wanting to know more about the subjects we study rather than becoming bored with them. I am forced to see the works we read in new ways, to push analysis deeper, to think harder, to add complexity to the ways I think about the world, and to be gracious to my peers as they also work towards interpretation and creation. This growing and stretching love for literature, writing, and the relationships I have with others through these mediums helps keep me inspired as I think about becoming a teacher myself. I would love to be the kind of teacher that I've had here at Wheaton.”