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English Minor


A minor in English requires a minimum of 20 hours. Students must take one course from each of the course pairings below. Students should avoid taking both ENGL 111 and ENGL 215, or both ENGL 115 and ENGL 225/226, as there is a big overlap between each of these course pairings.  Additional courses are at the student's discretion; however, if a student has not taken either ENG 215 or ENGL 225/226, one of the remaining courses must be a course in English literature.  ENGW 103 and ENG 104 do not count toward a minor.



Foundational Courses

  Choose ENGL 111 or ENGL 215
  Choose ENGL 115 or ENGL 225 or ENGL 226
  Choose  One course in American Literature  ENGL 341, 342, or 343

Core Courses Offered 

  ENGL 111 Classics of Western Literature
  ENGL 115 Modern Global Literature
  ENGL 215 Classical and Early British Literature
  ENGL 225 Topical Seminar
Open to majors and minors only.
  ENGL 226  Topical Seminar: Shakespeare
Open to majors and minors only. 
For the English course offerings for the remaining Minor electives, please see the Course Listings on the English Website or the College Course Catalog under the Academics section of the College website at www.wheaton.edu/Academics/Course-Catalog. Please note that ENGL 485 and ENGL 486 are open to Majors only and do not count toward the general education literature requirement.