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Shakespeare's Life - Foster

Brett Foster provides important context for Shakespeare's greatest works, featuring the latest findings from scholars about his life and works. 

The Garbage Eater: Poems - Foster

Brett Foster, in his debut book of poetry, nods to the poems of the classical, medieval, and Renaissance masters while questioning the constant tension between material reality and an unabashed yearning for transcendence in contemporary life. 

Joanna Baillie and the Art of Moral Influence - Colón

Christine Colón explores the works of the early nineteenth-century Scottish playwright Joanna Baillie and traces the development of her ambitious project of reforming society through well-crafted plays. 

Singled Out: Why Celibacy Must Be Reinvented in Today's Church - Colón

Christine Colón challenges the evangelical church to embrace a deeper understanding of celibacy that affirms singles’ decisions to be sexually pure, acknowledges their struggles, and recognizes their importance in the church community.

Believing Again: Doubt and Faith in a Secular Age - Lundin

Roger Lundin explores the emergence of unbelief in the 1800s, examining how novelists and poets including Dostoevsky, Dickinson, Melville, and Auden portray the tension between faith and doubt. 

Invisible Conversations: Religion in the Literature of America - Lundin

Roger Lundin compiles critical reflections on the role of religion during the course of literary and intellectual history. 

Bloom's Shakespeare Through the Ages: The Sonnets - Foster, Editor

Brett Foster offers a collection of the best criticism and clear analyses of Shakespeare's 154 sonnets.

Bloom's Shakespeare Through the Ages: Hamlet - Foster, Editor

Brett Foster compiles an accessible summary, analyses of key passages, a comprehensive list of characters, and a biography of Shakespeare with the text of one of the playwright's most powerful dramas.

Six Gothic Dramas - Colón, Editor

Christine Colón introduces this anthology of six plays by Scottish dramatist Joanna Baillie, discussing Baillie's life and works, and arguing that Baillie used the Gothic in innovative ways in her drama in order to explore controversial issues such as changing definitions of masculinity and femininity, shifting political alliances, and evolving ideas of Christianity.

There Before Us: Religion, Literature, and Culture from Emerson to Wendell Berry - Lundin

Roger Lundin brings together explorations of faith in the lives of several American writers—Emerson, Eliot, Thoreau, Twain, Melville, Marx and others.

From Nature to Experience: The American Search for Cultural Authority - Lundin

Roger Lundin examines the shifted source of American moral and cultural authority from nature to experience figured in the thought of Ralph Waldo Emerson, returning ultimately to religion for illumination and truth. 

This Heavy Silence - Mazzarella

Nicole Mazzarella, in her debut novel, explores the power of the vows we make to others and those we make to ourselves, and leads us to question our ideas about motherhood, faith, and the debts we owe.

Bloom's Literary Places: Rome - Foster

Brett Foster co-authors this overview of the city as it exists today--culture, politics, and major attractions--and offers insight into its unique cultural and literary history. 

The Incarnational Art of Flannery O'Connor - Lake

Christina Bieber Lake argues that O'Connor designed a unique aesthetic to defy the Gnostic dualisms that characterize American intellectual and spiritual life.

Flannery O'Connor: A Proper Scaring - Baumgaertner

Jill Peláez Baumgaertner considers O'Connor's use of emblems, those moments of sudden and horrid illumination when the sacred and the profane merge as sacrament.