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James G. Jameson First-Year Writing Contest

Details of the James G. Jameson First-Year Writing Contest

Please join us in celebrating the winners of the Fall 2019 & Spring 2020 James G. Jameson First-Year Writing Contest. This contest recognizes outstanding research papers written in ENGW 103/104.

Outstanding Paper Awards, Spring 2020 

  • Dontay Givens, “‘You Wouldn’t Hurt a Lady?’: The Construction of the Southern Lady and the Forgotten Narratives of Enslaved Cooks Behind It”
  • Evan Guthrie,  “Driver-Assistance Systems: Wreck Avoidance or Reckless Habits?”
  • Sarah Harville, “Adulthood and the Consequences of Divorce”
  • Annie Rhodes, “Technology Hurts: The Negative Effects of Smartphones and Screens on Childhood Development”
  • Carrie Snodgrass, “Pro-anorexia Websites: The Entanglement of Harm and Benefit through Online Community and Isolation”

 The James G. Jameson First-Year Writing Award, Spring 2020

  • Daniel F. Casey, “The Unique Experience of Eating Disorders within the Male Population: A Review of Existing Stigma, Knowledge Gaps, and Gender Bias within their Recognition, Diagnosis, and Treatment”

 Outstanding Paper Awards, Fall 2019

  • Bella Galloway, “Violence as a Vessel of Grace: The Fiction of Flannery O’Connor”
  • Sarah Gencarella, “The Role of Sports Dentists in the Oral Health of Athletes: The Effects of Nutrition, Prevention, and Education on Oral Health and Performance”
  • Katherine Hoppe, “Pass the Chicken Tenders: Impacts of External Eating Cues on College Students’ Food Consumption”
  • Madeline Joy, “Compulsory Te Reo Māori Education: The Death of the Language?”
  • Jack Ryken, “Does Food Insecurity Exist? A Wheaton College Case Study”
  • Samuel Whatley, “A Tale of Food Cities: Gastronomy and Community Identity in an Urban Work Environment”

The James G. Jameson First-Year Writing Award, Fall 2019

  • Annalise Chelsen, “Ecotheology: An Opportunity for Transformed Evangelical Environmental Vision”

All recipients of the James G. Jameson First-Year Writing Award will have their work published in the Wheaton Writing: An Online Journal of Academic Essays.