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James G. Jameson Critical Essay Contest

Details of the James G. Jameson Critical Essay Contest

Deadline: Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Submission Criteria

Student Qualifications:

  • The contest is open only to undergraduate students in good standing.
  • A student may only win one award from the Jameson fund during his or her tenure at Wheaton College.

Essay Qualifications:

  • The essay should be written from a distinctly Christian perspective (e.g., engaging the Bible, Christian history, theology, or a Biblical worldview).
  • The essay should be persuasive and should cite a minimum of six secondary sources.
  • The essay must be original, written by the student submitting the essay.
  • The essay must have been written as a part of a course at Wheaton College. The course must have been completed within the last two years.
  • Only one essay per student per year is to be submitted.
  • An essay may not win an E. Beatrice Batson Shakespeare Essay Contest Award and a Jameson Critical Essay Contest Award.

Faculty Endorsement:

  • The essay must be endorsed by the faculty member in whose course the essay was written.
  • Endorsements must be received by the submission deadline.
  • Faculty should submit endorsements via this link: https://form.jotform.com/203606408469156

Essay Formatting:


Fall 2021 James G. Jameson Winners

Elise Peterson, "Do Not Be Afraid: Addressing the Christian Nationalists’ Response to COVID-19"

Jadon Yeager, "The Implications of China’s Religious Persecution"

Susanna Spacek, "Just as I Have Loved You: Political Engagement with the Nativity Scene"

Ruth Chinn, "Engaging Emerging Adults and Fostering Faith through Ecumenism"

Stephen Watson, "Advocating for a Measured Approach to Olympic Athlete Activism"

Becca Sowers, "The Role of Christians in the Repatriation of Stolen Art"

Aiden West, "The Formalist Model of Art Criticism: Incorporating Context and Subjectivity into an Objective Model"

Spring 2021 James G. Jameson Winners 

1st place - Gretchen Stanfa

2nd place - Collin Maldonado

2nd place - Philip DeGroot

Honorable Mention - Philip Lindia

Honorable Mention - Bailey Reich

Honorable Mention - Carlson Chiles, Mason Packwood, and Jonah Throw

Honorable Mention - Hannah Kirby

Honorable Mention - Nora Awad

Honorable Mention - Cat Kok