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A Wheaton Student at Nebraska

Meryl Vannoy is a recent graduate of the University of Nebraska and Wheaton College who participated in the 3-2 dual-degree program.

Meryl Vannoy '16Dual-degree student Meryl Vannoy elected to complete her engineering course work at the University of Nebraska, where she received her BS in Chemical Engineering in May 2017.  In a May 2016 e-mail, Meryl provided a glimpse into the value of the Wheaton 3-2 Dual-degree program. She writes:


“My semester has gone by really fast. I can’t believe it is almost May. Nebraska actually has a dead week the week before finals so most of my classes are wrapping up this week and then finals will be the first week in May.

“This semester I really got into the bulk of the junior level chemical engineering classes and have really enjoyed all the different topics. One of my favorite classes has been my lab class where we are able to operate smaller scale equipment and then write reports and give presentations. It was amazing to me how well Wheaton prepared me for the writing and presenting portions of that class, compared to the other students. Last night the department had their chemical engineering banquet where I was awarded for my high GPA last fall.

“It has been a good year. I have been able to get plugged into a campus ministry and have ended up leading a small group bible study. I am looking forward to going back to my internship at Black and Veatch this summer in Kansas City. They will have me focusing on revamping waste water treatment facilities at power plants in order to meet the new EPA guidelines.”