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Illinois Licensure Tests

Illinois Licensure Testing System

Any Professional Educator License obtained through a teacher education program in Illinois requires a minimum of two major assessments: one or more content area tests required prior to student teaching, and the educator Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA), which is completed during student teaching.

Content-area tests can also be taken at remote locations throughout the semester. If uncertain which content-area test(s) are required prior to student teaching, please check with your Education Department advisor.

You may register on line at the Illinois Licensure Testing Service or by phone 800.239.8107. The costs of each test ranges from $60 for one subtest to $153 for all four elementary education tests. Most secondary or middle grade level content area tests are $122 each. The edTPA costs $300 for national scoring but is included as a course fee during student teaching.

When do I take these tests?

Note the sequence of these three tests for those seeking an Illinois Teaching License through Wheaton College.

  1. The Subject-Matter Knowledge exam must be passed prior to student teaching.
  2. The edTPA must be completed during student teaching and passed for IL licensure.

Study guides >> are available and recommended in preparation for each test.