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Communications Alumna

Michelle Goering '13

Michelle Goering Communication Alumna

My experience at Wheaton gave me a well-rounded skill set that prepared me for working in various environments- from the home offices of documentary film makers, to a small non-profit, to a global cross-platform media company.  

Learning the technical skills for working in the film industry was important, and I was able to do that through my media studies classes, supplemented with experience in my campus job with Media Resources and internships in the Chicago area and Hollywood- through an off-campus study program, the LA Film Studies Center.  

Beyond the technical skills, I found significant value in developing skills that enabled me to communicate effectively in different situations with both colleagues and clients, teenagers in the US, and nonprofit leaders in India. Not only did I learn to communicate, but I also learned to think critically, with skepticism, but not cynicism, and to bring my faith into the workplace as I try my best to exemplify kindness and integrity in any place I end up.