Kanakuk Kamp Counselor and Youth Ministry Scholarship

The Kanakuk Kamp Counselor and Youth Ministry Scholarship is an annual merit scholarship award. The fund was established to encourage students to serve as paid summer counselors at Kanakuk Kamps by helping to offset any monies the student would otherwise have earned by having worked a traditional summer job. A paid summer counselor position with Kanakuk Kamp is a requirement.

Recipients of the award shall be selected in any given year by the CFM Department according to the following terms, conditions, and preferences:

1) Recipients shall be CFM undergrads or graduate students who have satisfactorily completed a paid summer counselor ministry position with Kanakuk Kamp. Preference will be given to those pursuing a youth ministry career and/or youth ministry certificate.

2) Recipients shall be students who show the greatest potential for impact and success in youth ministry regardless of their financial need.

3) Awards will be at least 10% but no more than 20% of the annual cost of tuition at Wheaton College.

Timeline and Procedures

1) Students must complete a Kanakuk Kamp summer counselor application and secure a position as a Kanakuk summer counselor.

2) By April 1 (prior to the summer session), Kanakuk Kamp will notify the CFM Department of the names of Wheaton College students who have secured an employment contract with Kanakuk Kamp for the upcoming summer.

3) By May 1 the CFM Department notificies the Financial Aid Office and Kanakuk Kamp of the award recipient(s).

4) By August 1 Kanakuk Kamp notifies the Wheaton College Financial Aid Office if the student(s) does not satisfactorily complete the summer counselor job.

5) By mid-August, barring notification from Kanakuk Kamp, the scholarship funds are paid into the student account for the recipient.