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Dane '07 and Jade Lundgren '07


The Lundgrens both obtained master's degrees in Christian Formation and Ministry at the Wheaton Graduate School. They are currently living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They recently wrote to send their greetings. Jade sent the following:

"Although Dane and I graduated in '07, we wanted to say hello and that we miss everyone so much! Our years in graduate school were so formational to us and so much fun! We now live in Pittsburgh PA and have added a new little addition to our family, Pearl Annabel Lundgren. She is doing really well and her older sister (who came with us on our end of the year retreat) loves her!

Dane has started an M.D. program at Temple Medical School. He is very excited to be a doctor who combines medicine and spiritual formation. I have the privilege of mothering our two sweet little girls and am thankful for the Christian Formation and Ministry department's role in my parenting philosophy."