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CE Planning Sheet

School of Mission, Ministry and Leadership

Christian Education and Ministry Department

2018-19 CE Planning Sheet

Freshman CE 115 Intro to Christian Formation & Ministry 4
  HNGR 114 Poverty, Justice & Transformation
(This course carries the Global Perspectives (GP) CATC tag.)
CE 222 Transformational Education 4
  CE 223 Human Development & Ministry (Fall & May only). (This course carries the Social Inquiry (SI) CATC tag.) 4
  CE 226 Christian Spiritual Practices 4
  CE 251 Ministry Practicum 0
Junior CE 339 Compassion & Crisis Ministry 4
  CE 346 Discipleship 4
Senior CE 421 Philosophy of Ministry (Fall only) 4
  CE 494 Senior Capstone (prerequisite: CE 496) (Spring only) 4
  CE 496 Internship 0
  Required Elective 2
  Total Hours for Major

Internships: These need to be arranged by students and approved by the Internship Coordinator, Dan Haase, the semester before the anticipated internship start date. Please pick up the necessary information from Dan or from the hallway file just outside his office, BGC 231.

Certificates:  Students may earn certificates in Youth Ministry, Leadership, or Discipleship. Please consult the 2018-19 catalog or the appropriate certificate planning sheet for more specifics.

C.E. Minor: Requirements are 22-24 hours, including CE 115 (4) or CE 131 (2), CE 222 (4), CE 223 (4) or CE 339 (4), CE 226 (4), CE 346 (4), and CE 421 (4).

Please note: We believe this guide accurately reflects the Christian Education & Ministry B.A. degree requirements found in the Wheaton College Catalog; however, the catalog should always be consulted for degree requirements.