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Department Events

Events held throughout the year provide Wheaton’s business and economics students and the wider campus community with opportunities to learn from industry leaders and experts about the issues and questions facing economists and businesses today.

Wheaton Center for Faith, Politics & Economics (FPE)

FPE logoFPE engages in scholarly research and promotes discussion on core institutions of market economies, representative democracies, limited government, and human action with individual responsibility. Recent events included a panel discussion about the challenges and choices facing our nation in immigration matters, and a lecture from one of America’s most prominent economics professors, Mr. Kenneth G. Elzinga.

Annual Dinner & Symposium

Wheaton College Business Economics Dept Dinner

Each year Wheaton’s business and economics department hosts a dinner and symposium. At this year’s event, Dr. Enoch Hill ’05, assistant professor of economics; Catherine Caporaso ’15; and Kyle Burris ’15 shared their research.

Weekly Meal and Lecture

Ewert - Coolidge Home Dinner

For the last 35 years, Dr. Norm Ewert, professor of business and economics emeritus, and his wife, Dr. Sharon Coolidge ’72, chair of English, have hosted students for a weekly meal and lecture. Recent speakers have included: Jonathan Bonk, author of Missions and Money; Jon Halverson ’89, vice president of Land O’ Lakes, Inc.’s International Development Department Division; and David Zac Niringiye, the Church of Uganda's retired assistant bishop of Kampala. 

Mock Interviews

Bill Lesner, vice president with Project World Impact and a business consultant who retired from a 37-year career with General Motors, helps students make outstanding impressions on potential employers. He estimates he has interviewed, counseled, or mentored more than 400 students in six years. "The goal is not just to practice interviewing, but to teach a process of interview preparation." For instance, he teaches a specific way to answer the common icebreaker, "Tell me about yourself," in such a way that it sets the tone for the entire interview.

Other Events

  • Presentations by leaders in the fields of business and economics
  • Gatherings, hosted by female faculty, for women in the B/EC and Economics majors
  • Open house receptions and a department Christmas party