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Past Shows

How the Light Gets In

Cherith Lundin

January 8th - February 9th


Original Blessing

Greg Halvorsen Schreck

August 29th - September 28th


Art of Protest / Art of Dreams

January 8th - February 9th


Elicia Castle

January 9th - February 9th


Close Contact

Marina Kuchinski

August 21st - September 15th



Stephen Signa-Avilés

August 21st - September 15th 


Land Gap Junction  

Leah Samuelson

October 19th - November 17th  


Boats and Bridges 

Marissa Voytenko

November 20th - December 23rd

Made in Chicago

Gallery of Contemporary Mosaics - Group Show

January 8th - February 11th


Floorplans, Models, Souvenirs 

Work by the Weaving Mill

August 22nd - September 23rd



David JP Hooker and Joel Sheesley

November 11th - December 21st

The House We ___

Will Carpenter

January 7th - February 12th


Master Printer: Artist and Collaborator

Timothy Sheesley

August 17th - September 24th


Braids & Nails

Sarah Beth Woods

October 12th - November 6th


Bodies in a River - Tracing the Moments of an Iconic Mission

Brad Johnson

November 11th - December 16th 

Group Show

Cherith Lundin, Elizabeth R. Curtis, Emily Schroeder Willis

January 13th - February 14th


Ordinary Objects for Ordinary Time: Porcelain Sculpture

Ginger Henry Geyer

August 25th - September 26th


Cola Culture in Tea Time

WangLing Chou

August 25th - September 26th


Uncommon Ground 

Joel Sheesley

November 11th - December 18th


Berhampore to Kolkata

Greg Halvorsen Schreck

November 11th - December 18th

Figurative Paintings, 1980 - 2012

Douglas R. Giebel

August 22nd - October 3rd



Bee in Hand

Jeremy Botts

November - December 

On the Fly

Judith Raphael

January 25th - February 29th


Self Portrait / Personal Apocalypse

Joel Sheesley

May 9th - June 8th


The Unreality of Objects

David JP Hooker

August - September


Italian Light

Douglas R. Gilbert

October - November


Caught on Tape

Susanna Vagt

November 8th - December 20th

Exposed: undercover

Maggie Meiners

October 20th - November 22nd


Charis: Boundary Crossings

Group Show

August 22nd - September 23rd