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Henry Kim, Ph.D.

Sociology and Anthropology Department

Associate Professor of Sociology
On Faculty since 2007

Phone: (630)752-5226
Email: Henry.Kim@wheaton.edu


Ph.D. Theological Studies, Historical Thought 2010 Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield IL

Ph.D. Sociology, Structural Inequality 2003 Dissertation Title: "Religious Internalization and Church Attendance among Second Generation Korean Americans" Michigan State University, E. Lansing MI

M.A. Sociology 2001 MA Title: "The Social Function and Meaning of Protestantism for Koreans and Korean Americans" Michigan State University, E. Lansing MI

M.Div. Theology 1998 Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary, Grand Rapids MI

B.A. Hotel , Restaurant, and Institutional Management 1994 Michigan State University, E. Lansing MI

About Henry Kim

Dr. Kim’s first passion is his family. He loves the “evening rituals” with his wife Hee-Jung and two daughters, Haerin and Haenah. From the overflow of Christ’s love in the home, Dr. Kim finds his rhythm in life, work, and ministry. In particular, he has a passion for Korean-American families and churches, and noting comparisons and contrasts with other Asian and immigrant contexts of acculturation.

He has served as a lead Pastor in two Korean-American churches for fourteen years and continues to selectively accept speaking engagements in respect to Korean-American issues. Prior to coming to Wheaton he also taught at Michigan State University and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. A lifelong passion is to intersect personal and academic interests with the local church.

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Asians in America
  • Racial & Ethnic Relations
  • Social Class and Inequality
  • Sociological Theory
  • Sociology of Religion


Dr. Kim finished his Ph.D. in Church History and Historical Thought in the Theological Studies Program at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in May of 2010. He firmly believes that “sociology without theology is powerless and that theology without sociology is blind.” With this second Ph.D. completed, Dr. Kim plans to do sociological analyses which center on Korean-American Protestants with theological intersections. He plans to write a book in respect to his current dissertation which focuses on the primary source of Horace N. Allen, the purported first “missionary” to Korea.


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