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Sociology and Anthropology Students and Alumni

Liz Bilkert - Anthropology '14

I always felt a great ease and comfort in being with people from backgrounds and experiences that differed from mine. Language, custom, gender, and religious differences never stumped me but rather enlivened me. Anthropology spoke to this particularity of mine and gave me a foundation from which to actually do work in the world based on these interests.

Greg Hahl - Sociology '10

Sociology is necessary for anybody wanting to love our neighbors in a tangible, educated way.

Esther Lee Cruz - Sociology '06

Marketing is a great field for sociology majors because it requires the ability to think about group psychology and how to change people’s behavior as well as the broader culture. Tech is a great industry to check out because it encourages sociological imagination and is all about creating social change through technological advancements

Noah Chung - Sociology '12

Being a Christian sociology major will enable you to look past the brokenness and systemic injustices around the world to see a savior who is able to save everyone.

Clara Kent - Anthropology '14

I realized that Anthropology could help give me the language that I needed to better understand my life, the world around me, and God's work in the world. I will also add that, along with my Anthropology classes, my other most meaningful classes at Wheaton were my Sociology classes. Those courses worked alongside my Anthropology to teach me about society's systems and structures.

Joselyn Broadway - Anthropology '16

I come from a culture where legacy is important. I believe that is important to look back at where we come from to see the direction in which we are going... The task won’t be easy, because trying to make significant change never is, but we can find some peace in God’s track record thus far.

Daniel Hawthorne - Anthropology '09

If you study something you love, you'll learn it better, remember it longer, and I believe have a broader, more well-rounded base of knowledge going forward.

Shannon Golden - Sociology '05

A sociology major will equip you with a "sociological imagination" that will fundamentally alter your way of seeing society, no matter what career path you ultimately follow.

Ian Yue - Anthropology '11

On-the-job skills can always be cultivated, but challenging your worldview for the better is something to be especially valued during your undergraduate years at Wheaton.

Jennifer Anderson - Anthropology '04

Cultural Anthropology is all about how people understand the world and learning to see from someone else's perspective. I know how to observe and ask questions, and develop creative solutions that are unique to my organization.

Stephanie Ewert - Sociology '04

Sociology will offer you a framework through which to process your life experiences and will lay the foundation for a variety of careers.

 Leya Hartman
Leya Hartman - Anthropology '17

Before I stepped out of the doors of Edman Chapel on graduation day, I had a job lined up in Denver, the exact location I was aiming for, and with the type of people with whom I wanted to work.