Summer 2024 Class Schedule

Students take only one course per Session (4 weeks) and can enroll in one or more courses in sequence during the summer program from any of the tracks. Students taking the Sustainability Summer courses can only enroll for those courses, which run concurrently for the full 8 weeks. See the college catalog for course descriptions and prerequisites.

Christ at the Core (CATC) Courses (General Education)

Course Credits Title Dates
CORE 325 4 Nature, Environment, and Society (SIP, AIS, DUS) May 27-June 21
PHYS 305  4 Dakota Skies: Astronomy and Meteorology (SP) June 24-July 19

For Biology and Environmental Science Majors

Course Credits Title Dates
BIOL 242 4 Diversity of Life: Zoology and Botany May 27-June 21
BIOL 329 4 Processes of Life: Ecology and Evolution June 24-July 19

For Geology Majors

Course Credits Title Dates
GEOL 345 2 Sedimentary Geology May 27-June 7
GEOL 412 6 Field Geology June 10-July 19

Sustainability Summer (Sustainability Certificate Requirement)

Both classes run concurrently for the full 8 weeks. Not able to combine with other course tracks.

Course Credits Title Dates
ENVR 332 4 Principles of Environmental Sustainability  May 27-July 19
ENVR 333  4 Environmental Sustainability Practicum May 27-July 19