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Summer 2019 Class Schedule

One class may be taken each month. Students who want to fulfill CATC requirements and are enrolling for both sessions should select an SP tagged course one month and an SIP tagged course the other month.

June Classes (June 3-28)

Course                  Cred.hrs   Title       Dates                
GEOL 201 4 Exploring the Dynamic Earth (SP) June 3-28   
CORE 325 4 Nature, Environment, and Society (SIP, AIS)         June 3-28
BIOL 242   4 Diversity of Life June 3-28

July Classes (July 1-26)

ENVR 315 4 Nature, Environment, and Society (SIP, HNGR Elective) July 1-26
PHYS 305 4 Dakota Skies: Astronomy & Atmospheric Science in the Black Hills (SP) July 1-26
BIOL 243 4 Processes of Life July 1-26