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Summer 2020 Class Schedule

Students take one course at a time and can enroll in one or more courses in sequence during the summer program from any of the tracks. See the college catalog for course descriptions and prerequisites.

Christ at the Core (CATC) Courses

CORE 325 4 Nature, Environment, and Society (SIP, AIS) June 1-26
PHYS 305 4 Dakota Skies (SP) June 29-July 24

Biology and Environmental Science Majors

BIOL 242 4 Diversity of Life: Zoology and Botany June 1-26
BIOL 243 4 Processes of Life: Ecology and Evolution June 29-July 24

Geology Majors

GEOL 345 2 Sedimentary Geology June 1-12
GEOL 412 6 Field Geology June 15-July 24