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International Academic Internships

Wheaton students may participate in and receive academic credit for individual international opportunities including internships and student teaching. Please contact your academic department for details, as requirements may vary.

In addition, Wheaton students have the opportunity to participate in a vocational practicum/internship experience not offered through a major or minor department and receive academic credit for the experience.

International Academic Internships

Students are encouraged to consider the possibility of completing an internship for academic credit towards their selected major; however, students must have reached junior status and have completed at least 16 hours in their major (or minor or certificate program) before requesting an internship.

An internship is a work-related learning experience which is incorporated into a student's academic program. It gives the student an opportunity to integrate theoretical learning in a major area of study with actual work experience. It is intended to enhance educational goals, expand job skills, and guide career decisions. The internship may be completed for 2-8 credit hours (0 hours for Christian Education and Ministry) under the direction of a faculty advisor and an employer supervisor.

To earn credit, the internship must be in the major (or minor or certificate program). No more than 12 hours of internship credit can be taken toward a degree, and no more than eight hours can be counted toward a major. No more than eight hours can be earned for the same internship experience. Billing for internship credit is at normal tuition rates.

A minimum of 40 clock hours of work experience is required for one academic credit (e.g. a 4-hour internship would require a minimum of 160 clock hours of work experience). Depending on the nature of the internship, a department might expect or require more than the minimum required hours.

For a general process overview for the International Internship Application, download the Checklist for Individual Student International Travel.  You will notice that the application process is split into two parts - please be aware of the following deadlines:

The deadline to BEGIN the application process in GoGlobal is March 15th for a summer or fall international internship and October 15th for a spring international internship. All internship application requirements should be complete no later than 4 weeks prior to the start of your internship. 

It is REQUIRED that you complete all application requirements that require campus appointments or signatures prior to leaving campus. 

Please contact the Internship Advisor in your Academic Department for support and departmental approval.  Some academic departments may require earlier deadlines; please make certain you are aware of your department's deadline.

Academic Department International Internship Advisor(s)
Applied Health Science Dr. Peter Walters
Anthropology Consult your academic advisor
Business and Economics Contact the office coordinator for information
Christian Education & Ministry      Professor Dan Haase
Environmental Studies Dr. Chris Keil
Intercultural Studies/TESOL Dr. Alan Seaman
Politics and International Relations Dr. Bryan McGraw
Psychology Consult your academic advisor
Sociology Dr. Brian Miller