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Semester Programs

When you study abroad, your education accelerates as you live and learn in another culture—every interaction is an opportunity for intellectual, spiritual, and personal growth. You experience a different academic system, the complexity of another culture and language, and you will encounter the world in new ways.

Wheaton Semester Study Abroad Programs

Spend a semester in Wheaton's Querétaro, Mexico program that combines language study, interdisciplinary courses, cultural immersion, and academic excursions. This program is about learning and connecting—engaging a new community as a participant and not just an observer.  Come study, live, and discover a new pattern of life and new way of viewing the world.   More >

Approved Study Abroad Programs

Study abroad is far more than travel; it’s a way to take what you’re learning—international relations, mathematics, communication, theology, business and economics—and apply or understand it in a new context.  It’s the opportunity to explore your chosen field of study from another perspective, deepening your educational experience.  It’s the chance to immerse yourself in another culture and discover more about others and yourself.  It’s an invitation to step on the path to becoming a more globally conscious Christian.  Find the educational experience you are looking for. More >

Approved Domestic Study Programs

Gain new perspectives on your studies as you participate in one of Wheaton’s approved domestic programs.  Explore opportunities to combine academic preparation with practical experience or spend a semester on another Christian College Consortium (CCC) campus. More >


Before applying for a study abroad program, meet with Deb Kim, the Director of Study Abroad.  Students must also apply for Off-Campus Study Approval through the Center for Global and Experiential Learning (GEL) and receive course approval from academic advisors or departments.  Federal, State and Wheaton Financial Aid may apply to programs approved by GEL, except as noted.

The Center for Global and Experiential Learning (GEL) makes a special effort to include on its list of approved programs, those that meet high academic standards, correspond to the mission of GEL, and represent a wide choice for students in regards to curriculum, language, and location. GEL will, however, consider the petitions of students who would like to attend a non‐approved program and receive academic credit. Non‐approved programs are a potential option for students who cannot find an academic match for their major on any of the Wheaton‐approved programs. Submitted petitions must demonstrate a compelling academic reason for studying on a non‐approved program. For further information on the petition process, please meet with Deb Kim, the Director of Study Abroad, to discuss the program and petition process.