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Stott International Scholar

Stott International Scholar

The John Stott Visiting International Scholar/Artist/Practitioner in Human Needs & Global Resources provides an opportunity for individuals directly involved in addressing the wide array of human needs to spend approximately 1-4 months during the academic year (August-May) at Wheaton College, for the purpose of interacting with the campus community in both formal and informal ways over the course of her or his stay. Departments are invited to nominate scholars, artists, and practitioners from any discipline.

Eligible scholars/artists/practitioners for this award will meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate commitment to Christian engagement in situations of injustice, conflict, environmental degradation, poverty, and suffering.  This program seeks to invite individuals with a history of direct involvement in compassionate, church-based responses to human need.
  • Citizenship or long-term residence in a Majority World region (Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East).
  • Hosted by a department that will provide office, studio, and/or lab space as appropriate, as well as collegial and logistical support for the duration of the Visitor’s stay at the College.  Visitors can come at any time in the August-May academic year that suits the visitor and the hosting department.
  • Commit to maintaining regular presence among the campus community, in both formal and informal settings.  This may include interactions such as giving public lectures, (co-)teaching a course, research collaboration, or developing an artistic show or performance, as well as being available for meals and informal conversations with members of the campus community and other related constituents.  (Departments are encouraged to consider creative arrangements to maximize the visitor’s interactions on campus; for example, some Stott Visiting Artist-Scholars have given a Master Class for students at HoneyRock over Spring Break.)
  • Eligible for a U.S. visa appropriate to the activities planned.

Department Information for International Visiting Scholar (2018-2019)

Stott Visiting International Scholar Nomination Form (2018-2019)