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Bending the Arc: Film Showing, 29 November 2017

Advent Market,  8 December 2017

Annual Symposium, 13-17 March 2018

In 2005 Wheaton College received a generous endowment from the John Deere Foundation to hold an annual Symposium in Human Needs and Global Resources (HNGR). The intent of the grant is to advance the critical thinking needed to address world hunger through agricultural and economic development. This will be accomplished by engaging faculty and students in strategically thinking through the theoretical and practical challenges of global economic, social, and political development, including themes in both rural and urban contexts, relating to world hunger, food production, agriculture, water resources, urbanization, environment, health and conflict.

The 2018 Wheaton College Symposium in Human Needs and Global Resources, entitled "For the Healing of the Nations: Global Health and the Environment," will convene leading researchers and health practitioners to recognize the resolve, vision, leadership, and expertise of diverse individuals and organizations working to improve human health and to combat environmental injustice in communities around the world from 13-17 March 2018. 

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HNGR received Wheaton College's Academic Technology Grant for 2016-2017. This fund was used to purchase data analysis software for HNGR students, staff, and faculty. Learn more.

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