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HoneyRock is Wheaton's outdoor center for leadership development located in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.


The mission of HoneyRock is to build Christ’s church and improve society worldwide by developing whole and effective people through transformational Christian education that uses academically-based, relationally-oriented challenges in an outdoor setting.

This mission expresses HoneyRock's commitment to equip steadfast disciples who transform the world through Christ which is accomplished through the integration of excellence in academic programming with Christian camp experiences. The theoretical principles and practical skills learned will be applicable to a broad range of ministry and educational settings. Individuals leave HoneyRock with an expanded view of God, themselves, and their role in serving others. The educational approach is interdisciplinary and distinguished by direct application of learning to real ministry and leadership experiences. Students will engage in outdoor-oriented activities that involve problem-solving tasks, disciplined reflection, and service.

Program Outcomes

Although the content of the programs varies, the learning outcomes of students at HoneyRock usually include the following:

  • increased mastery of content due to direct application,
  • enhancement of critical thinking and problem-solving skills,
  • increased confidence and ability to perform in leadership roles,
  • a deepened relationship with others and with God.

Students experience these outcomes because they are given responsibilities that challenge them.

Located 360 miles north of the Wheaton campus on 800 acres of beautiful forests and a chain of 28 lakes, the Northwoods Campus has year-round academic programming and outdoor recreational opportunities for students. Most programs are offered for undergraduate and graduate credit.

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