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A Global Lens: The Good Life Around the World

Student photos from a different culture or context highlight the good life around the world.

On Thursday, November 17th, 2016 the winners of the Christ at the Core Photo Competition were announced. 

From a whopping 278 submissions, 25 images were selected from to be on display in the office of the Center for Global and Experiential Learning. Many thanks to our panel of judges: Brian Howell, Dan Haase, Gregory Schreck, Matthew Milliner and Rebecca Larson for participating in selecting our winners. The challenge set before the judges was to choose three images that best fit the following criteria: First, an image that best exemplifies The Good Life, another Artistic Composition of the photo, and the third was selected as the Judges' Choice.  Submitted photos needed to be taken by a student during an experiential opportunity offered by Wheaton College between Fall 2014 and Spring 2016. The photographers were required to submit a description of their photo as it relates to "The Good Life," the focus of the first year seminar of the Christ at Core Curriculum.

The Good Life

Queen Panda Gazes Over Her Kingdom

Michael Chen

CIEE: Shanghai

Chengdu, China

 "A panda gazes over her kingdom on a sleepy afternoon.  She pays no attention to the strange humans behind her speaking in Mandarin and English and instead, focuses her attention on one thing: relaxation.  The good life -- slowing down and being content."

Artistic Composition


Anneliese Petersen

Human Needs and Global Resources

Agrade, India

"Like children, we all peer expectantly through the windows of our hearts, searching for a life that is good.  And yet, it is in these very hearts that we find God's goodness and the way that is demonstrated through all those we encounter."

Judges Choice

A Celebration of Life

Kayla Slagter

Human Needs and Global Resources


"A community in the southern sector of Rwanda gathers together in celebration of stories of forgiveness and reconciliation two decades after the 1994 Genocide."

 Prizes were generously donated by International Sustainable Development Studies Institute (ISDSI)* and BestSemester**, two of Wheaton's approved study abroad providers. The Exhibit opening was sponsored by the Center for Global and Experiential Learning, The Christ at the Core Initiative, and the Global Engagement Committee of Student Government.