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Faculty Profile - Nicholas Perrin

Nicholas Perrin, Ph.D.

Franklin S. Dyrness Professor of Biblical Studies

On Faculty since 2005
BGC 565

Dr. Perrin's research specialties include the Gospels, the historical Jesus, early Christianity, Gnosticism, and canon. He was also the co-founder of Covenant Classical School (Naperville, Illinois) and served as Dean of Wheaton Graduate School (2012-2016).

Marquette University
Ph.D., Biblical Literature, 2001

Covenant Theological Seminary
M.Div., Theology, 1994

The Johns Hopkins University
B.A., English Literature, 1986

  • Gospels
  • The Historical Jesus
  • Early Christianity 
  • Gnosticism
  • Canon
  • Society of Biblical Literature
  • North American Patristics Society
  • Evangelical Theological Society

Esteemed Reader: April 2014

According to scholar Nicholas Perrin "While the unifying discrete aphorisms through paronomasia may be described as a defining feature of Egyptian literature in general, it is clear as well that the Egyptians invoked puns for magical purposes. Power over reality presupposed not just the naming of that reality but insight into the matrix of sounds contiguous with that name."...

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  • Second century
  • Historical Jesus
  • New Testament Theology
  • Gospels
  • Publications and Papers Presented
  • BITH 452/543 New Testament Criticism 
  • BITH 469/552 Biblical Theology
  • BITH 646 New Testament Exegesis
  • BITH 648 New Testament Theology 
  • BITH 552 Jewish Backgrounds 
  • BITH 213 New Testament Literature and Interpretation

“Jesus as Priest in the Gospels,” in Southern Baptist Journal of Theology 22 (2018): 81-98.

“New Exodus Traditions in Earliest Christianity,” in S. E. Porter and A. Pitts, ed. Christian Origins and the Establishment of the Early Jesus Movement (ECHC 4; Leiden: Brill, 2018), 335-50. 

“Habakkuk, Paul, and the End of Empire: A Fresh Perspective on Romans 13:1-7,” in L. K. Fuller Dow, C. A. Evans, and A. Pitts,The Language and Literature of the New Testament: Essays in Honor of Stanley E. Porter’s 60th Birthday (Leiden: Brill, 2017), 536-54. 

Foreword to Tyran Laws and Raahsan Armand, The Round Table: Marginal Beliefs Affecting the Black Church (Xulon, 2016).

“Managing Jesus’ Anger: Revisiting a Text-Critical Conundrum (Mark 1:41),” Criswell Theological Review 13 (2016), 3-16.



Confessions of Defiance

Dr. Nicholas Perrin, Dean of Wheaton College Graduate School, explores how he recently became convinced of the importance of regularly praying the Lord's prayer as a protest and a call for God to usher in His superior reality through the kingdom of God.


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