Faculty Profiles

Douglas Penney

Douglas Penney, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Classical Languages Emeritus

On Faculty since 1995
Wyngarden 207


University of Chicago
Ph. D., Northwest Semitic Philology

Arabic Language School
Amman, Jordan

Wheaton College
B. A., Ancient Languages

  • Greek Language
  • Biblical Hebrew
  • Ancient Greece
  • Society of Biblical Literature
  • Institute for Biblical Literature
  • Chicago Society for Biblical Research

Aesop's Fables as Paidagogue
Presentation to the Humanities Division Brown Bag Lunch Seminar Wheaton College

Entertaining Angels Unawares in the Text
Presentation to the Humanities Division Brown Bag Lunch Seminar Wheaton College

Evolution: Language as Fossil
Wheaton College Science Division Lunch Seminar Wheaton College

  • Akkadian
  • Hebrew (Beginning and Intermediate)
  • Old Testament Literature and Interpretation
  • Greek (Beginning and Intermediate)
  • Latin
  • Linguistics
  • Advanced Koine Greek
  • Tobit and Apocalypse of Enoch
  • Advanced Classical Greek
  • Plato's Apology of Socrates
  • Senior Seminar in Classics
  • Independent Studies- Sophocles: Antigone; Judges (Hebrew text); Herodotus (Ionic text); Exercises in Comparative Semitic; Feminist Koine Readings (Judith, Joseph & Aseneth, Paul and Thecla, Callirhoe)

4Q560 (4QExorcism ar), The Dead Sea Scrolls Reader: Additional Genres and Unclassified Texts
Donald W. Parry and Emanuel Tov, eds. (Leiden: Brill, 2005) 226-227
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The Forgotten Nativity (lectures on CD), Books in Motion, Spokane, WA., 2009 mastered by Oliver Witte
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Finding the Devil in the Details: Onomastic Exegesis and the Naming of Evil in the World of the New Testament, New Testament Greek and Exegesis: Essays in Honor of Gerald F. Hawthorne
Amy M. Donaldson and Timothy B Sailors, eds. (Rapids: Eerdmans, 2003).

By the Power of Beelzebub: An Aramaic Incantation Formula from Qumran (4Q560), Journal of Biblical Literature, 1994
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What hath Jerusalem to do with Athens - Again?, Journal of Christianity and Foreign Languages
Douglas Penney, 2002