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Faculty Profiles

Darcie Delzell

Darcie Delzell, Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics

On Faculty since 2009
Science 167

My interest in statistical analysis stems from my longtime enjoyment of and interest in mathematics, computation, and biology. Data science and statistical analysis allows me to model phenomena in many fields using traditional and rapidly emerging statistical theory and computational tools. I enjoy collaborating with scientists and investigators across many disciplines; we are able to plan experiments and analyze data in a way that helps to answer important research questions and inform decision-making.

Southern Methodist University
Ph.D., Statistics, 2008
M.S., Statistics, 2006

University of Illinois at Chicago
M.S., Mathematics, 2004

Wheaton College B.S.
Mathematics/Computer Science, 1998

  • Math 231 - Calculus I
  • Math 232 - Calculus II
  • Math 263 - Introduction to Statistics
  • Math 363 - Probability and Statistics I
  • Math 463 - Probability and Statistics II
  • Math 493 - Mentored Research
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Data Science
  • Structural Equation Models
  • Experimental Design

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