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Photo of Christin Fort psychology program

Christin J. Fort, Ph.D., M.A.

Assistant Professor of Psychology

On Faculty since 2018

BGH M232


Dr. Christin Fort is a clinical psychologist who is deeply invested in the integration of clinical psychology and theology. Her investment in the field “integration” is demonstrated in her teaching, research and clinical practice. Dr. Fort is also co-director of the Multicultural Peace and Justice Collaborative, an innovative, collaborative research team that is intentionally multicultural in membership and focus.

Dr. Fort’s areas of academic research focus on the intersection of Church teachings (or doctrines) and their implications for mental health. Her academic publications and current research focus on providing more robust theoretical grounding for the integration of psychology and theology, as well as practical frameworks for using these theories in clinical contexts. Dr. Fort’s research and lays the foundation for her service as a practitioner. As a practicing psychologist she enjoys working with clients who struggle to find meaning and purpose in the midst of pain and suffering. This experiential knowledge of the ways that human beings search for, and create, meaning through the experience of pain and suffering serves as a catalyst for her research and offers practical application points for use in academic contexts.

Fuller Theological Seminary
Ph.D., Clinical Psychology

Fuller Theological Seminary
M.A., Clinical Psychology

Fuller Theological Seminary
M.A., Theology

Wheaton College
B.A., Psychology

  • Inter-racial Couples
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Mood Disorders
  • Psychological Assessments
  • Learning Disability Testing


  • Theology & Psychology
  • Theodicy & Clinical Diagnoses
  • Intersectionality Theory
  • Faith & Clinical Practice

McConnell, J. M., Bacote, V., Davis, E. B. Fort, C., et al (2021).   Including Multiculturalism, Social Justice, and Peace within the Integration of Psychology and Theology: Barriers and a Call to Action.  Journal of Psychology and Theology, 49(1), 5-21

Fort, C. (2018). Intersectionality, intersubjectivity & integration: A two person therapy Journal of Psychology and Theology, 46(2), 116-121

Fort, C., Eriksson, C. B., Gottuso, D-A., & Wilkins, A. (2017).  Posture in Relation to God and Ethnic Background: A Qualitative Analysis of Urban Youth Ministry Workers’ Responses to Crisis.  Journal of Psychology and Theology

Wilkins, A., Eriksson, C., Gottuso, A., & Fort, C. (2017).  Urban ministry workers’ positive experiences of interpersonal and relational support during crisis.  Journal of Prevention and Intervention in the Community

Dueck, A., Ansloos, J., Johnson, A. & Fort, C. (2016).  Western Cultural Psychology of Religion: Alternatives to Ideology.  Pastoral Psychology

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Fort, C. (2017, April). Race, theology, self-disclosure & psychoanalytic psychotherapy: Putting pieces together. Paper presented at the Christian Association of Psychological Studies annual conference, Chicago, IL.

Fort, C. (2017, April). “So many little deaths”: Matthew’s journey from melancholia to mourning. Respondent for a clinical paper presentation given by Shawn Hofer, PhD at the Christian Association of Psychological Studies annual conference, Chicago, IL.

Fort, C. (2017, April). Multiplicity, intersubjectivity, and recognizing the other: Empathy as a bridge to justice. Respondent for a paper presentation given by Pamela Cooper-White, PhD at the Christian Association of Psychological Studies annual conference, Chicago, IL.

Fort, C. (2016, March). Divine passibility & attachment to God: A convergence of theory and theology. Poster presented at the Christian Association of Psychological Studies conference, Pasadena, CA.

Fort, C., Gottuso, D. A., Wilkins, A. M., Eriksson, C. B. (2014, October). Posture toward God in the face of stressful life events: A qualitative comparison of ethnic group differences in urban ministry workers. Paper presented at the Multicultural Research and Training Biennial Conference, West Lost Angeles, CA.

Fort, C., Gottuso, D. A., Wilkins, A. M., Eriksson, C. B. (2014, May). Posture towards God and ethnic background: A qualitative analysis of urban youth ministry workers’ responses to stressful life events. Paper presented at the Psychology and Spiritual Formation: Third Annual Center for Christian Thought Conference, La Mirada, CA.

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Wilkins, A., & Fort, C. (2013, March) Urban Ministry Workers' Experience of Interpersonal Relationships During Crisis. Workshop presented at the 2013 Southwest Regional Evangelical Missiological Society Meeting at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology, Pasadena, CA.

Gardner Curri, M. & Fort, C. (2013, March). Part I of Urban Research Results: Religious support and religious strain among urban youth workers during periods of post-traumatic response -Pastor and parishioner interactions. Workshop presented at the SW Regional Evangelical Missiological Society (EMS), Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA.

Wilkins, A., Yeh, D-A., Fort, C., Curri, M. G., Huston, M. B., & Eriksson, C. (2012, November) Urban Workers’ Experiences of Interpersonal Relationships After Trauma. Poster presented at the 28th annual meeting of the International Society for Traumatic. Stress Studies. Los Angeles, CA.

Yeh, D.-A., Wilkins, A., & Fort, C. (2011, August). Moving through trauma-related spiritual crises. Workshop presented at the 2011 annual West Coast Healthcare Missions and Ministry Conference. Pasadena, CA.

Yeh, D.-A., Martinez Reyes, D., Ansloos, J. P., Wilkins, A., Fort, C., & Eriksson, C. B. (2011, August). Psychometric examination of a coping measure in humanitarian aid workers. Poster submitted for presentation at the 119th annual meeting of the American Psychological Association. Washington, D.C.