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Faculty Profiles

Chris Vlachos

Chris Vlachos, Ph.D.

Visiting Associate Lecturer of Biblical & Theological Studies

Prior to joining the staff and teaching at Wheaton College, Dr. Vlachos served in Utah for thirty years, twenty-two years of which as an instructor and professor of Greek and New Testament at Salt Lake Theological Seminary (formerly, Utah Institute for Biblical Studies); eighteen years as pastor of Calvary Fellowship, American Fork, Utah; and ten years as senior manager of HIS Place Christian Bookstore/Coffee House in downtown Provo.

Besides these vocational positions are various personal pursuits and formative experiences: FM radio host, Moscow, Idaho (KUOI/1971-73); Farel House student, L'Abri, Switzerland (fall 1974-winter 1975); reader, Tyndale House, Cambridge, England (Fall 2004, Summer 2005); short-term missions, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Manila, Philippines (summer 1976); prison volunteer, Utah State Prison (1980-88); Delta Society-Animal Assisted Therapy Pet Partner volunteer (2000-02); bass player, contemporary Christian band (1995-2001); Team World Vision Marathon and Half Marathon running team (2009-present), cancer survivor-stage 4B Hodgkins Disease (in remission since 1984). Dr. Vlachos resides with his wife, Patty, in the Mt. Greenwood neighborhood on the southwest side of Chicago. They have three children—Robin, Rachel, and Nathanael—and five grandchildren.

Wheaton College
Ph.D., Biblical Theology—New Testament, 2006

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
M.A., New Testament, 1995

  • New Testament Literature and Interpretation
  • Greek Language Book of James
  • Beginning Greek (Greek 101-102)
  • Intermediate Greek (Greek 201)
  • New Testament Literature and Interpretation (BITH 213-214)
  • Book of James (BITH 359)
  • Prison Epistles (BITH 365)
  • Book of Revelation (BITH 368)
  • New Testament Topics: Galatians (BITH 469)
  • MABTS Program: Book of James (BITH 546)