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Faculty Profiles

Chris Vlachos

Chris Vlachos, Ph.D.

Visiting Associate Lecturer of Biblical & Theological Studies

Prior to joining the staff and teaching at Wheaton College, Dr. Vlachos served in Utah for thirty years, twenty-two years of which as an instructor and professor of Greek and New Testament at Salt Lake Theological Seminary (formerly, Utah Institute for Biblical Studies); eighteen years as pastor of Calvary Fellowship, American Fork, Utah; and ten years as senior manager of HIS Place Christian Bookstore/Coffee House in downtown Provo.

Besides these vocational positions are various personal pursuits and formative experiences: FM radio host, Moscow, Idaho (KUOI/1971-73); Farel House student, L'Abri, Switzerland (fall, 1974-winter, 1975); reader, Tyndale House, Cambridge, England (Fall, 2004, Summer, 2005); short-term missions, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Manila, Philippines (summer, 1976); prison volunteer, Utah State Prison (1980-1988); Delta Society-Animal Assisted Therapy Pet Partner volunteer (2000-2002); bass player, contemporary Christian band (1995-2001); Team World Vision Marathon and Half Marathon running team (2009-present), cancer survivor-stage 4B Hodgkins Disease (in remission since 1984). Dr. Vlachos resides with his wife, Patty, in the Mt. Greenwood neighborhood on the southwest side of Chicago. They have three children--Robin, Rachel, and Nathanael-and five grandchildren.

Wheaton College
Ph.D., Biblical Theology--New Testament, 2006

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
M.A., New Testament, 1995

  • New Testament Literature and Interpretation
  • Greek Language Book of James
  • Greek 101-102: Beginning Greek
  • Greek 201: Intermediate Greek
  • BITH 213-214: New Testament Literature and Interpretation
  • BITH 359: Book of James
  • BITH 365: Prison Epistles
  • BITH 368: Book of Revelation
  • BITH 469: New Testament Topics—Galatians
  • BITH 546: Book of James (MABTS)