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Faculty Profiles

Cheri Pierson Faculty Headshot

Cheri Pierson, Ed.D.

Associate Professor of TESOL, Internship Coordinator Applied Linguistics & International Education

On Faculty since 1996

Dr. Cheri Pierson is the author of several books related to English for Bible and Theology for English language learners who study theology in cross-cultural contexts. She served as a teacher educator in western and eastern Europe for fifteen years. Her professional interests include teacher education (practicum in TESOL; methodology), teaching and creating materials in English for non-native speakers who study Bible and theology, and issues related to women in leadership in cross-cultural contexts.

Northern Illinois University
Ed.D., Education, 1999

Wheaton College
M.A., Missions and Intercultural Studies / TESOL, 1994

Gotesborgs Universitet (Sweden)
Certificate, Swedish Language Proficiency, 1984

Indiana University
B.S., English, 1970

  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Tesol)
  • Teacher Education
  • Professional Development
  • Research
  • Curriculum Development
  • Women in Cross-Cultural Leadership
  • English for Bible and Theology
  • Second-Language Acquisition
  • Teacher Education Methodology
  • Mentoring
  • Society of Professors of Education (1999-present)
  • Adult Education Research Committee (1998-2007)
  • TESOL International membership and membership in special interest sections for Adult Education, Higher Education, English for Specific Purposes; Caucus membership, CETC (Christian Educators of TESOL Caucus) (1993-present)
  • Board, Christian Educators of International TESOL Caucus (2003-present) Steering Committee, Christians in English Language Teaching Conference (2006-2009) Proposal Reader (2007-present)
  • Chair, Part-Time Issues Committee, IT-BE (2001-2002)
  • Board member, IT-BE (2000-2002)
  • IT-BE (TESOL/Bilingual Education) Committee for Standards of Higher Education (1993-present)
  • Kappa Delta Pi (Education Honor Society) : Member

ESL Humor: Bridging the Gap Between Learner Needs and Pedagogy, 2019
ITBE Convention. With Anna O’Neal and Haeyuk Jeong

Experiencing Culture through Artistic Expression and Narrative, 2019
CELT Conference, Atlanta, GA. With Pam Barger

Thinking Theologically about Language Teaching, 2018
Moody/Wheaton ESL Conference. With Will Bankstown. Chicago, IL

Thinking Theologically about Language Teaching
Moody/Wheaton ESL Conference. With Will Bankstown. Chicago, IL

Exploring Community Inside and Outside Multicultural Adult ESL Classrooms
CELT Conference. With Audrey Welch. Seattle, WA

Teaching English in Majority World Countries
Academic Presentation, Compass Church, Wheaton, IL, 2017

Motivating Adults to Become Active English Language Learners
Academic Presentation. IT-BE 43rd Convention. With Lauren Nadolski and Audrey Welch. Naperville, IL, 2017

Exploring Storytelling and Visual Arts to Enhance Cross-Cultural Communication
Christian English Language Teacher’s Conference, Baltimore, MD, 2016

Motivating Adults to Become Active English Language Learners
Moody/Wheaton ESL Ministry Conference. With Audrey Welch. Chicago, IL, 2016

Curriculum Issues in Teaching English for Academic Purposes
Academic Presentation for Handong Global University, Wheaton, IL: Wheaton College Graduate School, 2016

Crossing Bridges for Effective Communication in K-12 Contexts
Academic Presentation. WAnet Schools. With Charity Renwick. Wheaton, IL: Wheaton College, 2015

Crossing Bridges for Effective Communication
Academic Presentation. Christian English Language Teachers Conference, Toronto, Canada, 2015

Error Correction: A Dynamic Partnership between Teachers and Students
Academic Presentation. Illinois TESOL/ BE 38th Convention. With Alex Jones and Mary Elizabeth Moore. Naperville, IL, 2015

New Trends: Using Storytelling to Teach ESL
Chicagolands' 10th Annual ESL Ministry Conference, Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL.

From Foreign to Familiar: Experiencing Culture through Artistic Expression and Narrative
Academic Presentation. Christian English Language Teachers Conference. With Charity Renwick. Portland, Oregon, 2014

Fostering Community in Diverse Adult ESL Classrooms
Illinois TESOL/BE 37th Annual Convention. With Rachel Fabian, Hope Hardin, and Maria Hodapp. Naperville, Illinois, 2014

In Pursuit of Motivational Strategies that Enhance Independent Learning
Illinois TESOL / BE 36th Annual Convention, Naperville, IL

Motivating Adults to Become Autonomous Language Learners
Pennsylvania: Christian English Language Teachers Conference, Philadelphia, PA

Contrastive Rhetoric: Exploring Cultural Influences and Classroom Applications
Illinois TESOL/BE 35th Annual Convention, Naperville, IL

Exploring Culture through Literature and the Visual Arts in the EFL Classroom
New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria

  • EVAN 573: Qualitative Research for Evangelism and Leadership
  • INTR 552: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Gender and Leadership
  • INTR 573: Qualitative Research for Second Language Educators
  • INTR 611: Theoretical Foundations for TESOL Methodology
  • INTR 613: TESOL Classroom Dynamics Practicum
  • INTR 614: Curriculum and Materials Development in TESOL
  • INTR 691: Intercultural Forum
  • LING 531: Theological Perspectives on Language and International Education
  • LING 573OL: Research for Second Language Educators
  • LING 611OL: Theoretical Foundations for TESOL Methodology
  • LING 644: English for Specific Purposes


  • Second Language Acquisition
  • English for Bible and Theology

Thinking Theologically about Language Teaching, UK: Langham Publishers Cheri Pierson with Will Bankston, Eds. 2017

Exploring Method as Metaphor: A Historical Perspective for Second Language Educators, Thinking Theologically About Language Teaching Cheri Pierson, 2017

English for Bible and Theology: Understanding and Communicating Theology Across Cultural and Linguistic Barriers Teaching Theology and Religion
Will Bankston, Cheri Pierson, 2013

Invitation to Interaction: Fostering Oral Communication among Adult English Language Learners, English Teaching ProfessionalMary Cerutti, Moriah Sharp, Lydia Guill, Cheri Pierson, 2013

Women Crossing Borders, AriseCBE International, 1-3 2013

In Pursuit of Motivational Strategies that Enhance Independent Learning, ITBE LINK  Michael Canning, Ryan Schultz, Cheri Pierson, 2013

Who Lives in Your Neighborhood? A Principled Approach for Church-based ESL Ministry, ALife Kora Taube, Cheri Pierson, 2012

Perspectives and Trends on Education in Romania: A Country in Transformation International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Meghan Odsliv, Cheri Pierson, 2012