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 Arend J Poelarends

Arend J. Poelarends, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy

On Faculty since 2011
Science Building 366

Dr. Poelarends’ primary research interest is in computational astrophysics. He grew up in the Netherlands, and holds a Ph.D. from Utrecht University, as well as an M.Div. from Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis. As an astrophysicist, he is uniquely qualified to help people answer the significant existential and philosophical questions that modern astronomy presents.

Covenant Theological Seminary
M.Div., Theology, 2011

Utrecht University
Ph.D., Astrophysics, 2007

Utrecht University
M.Sc., Physics and Astronomy, 2002

University of Twente
B.Sc., Applied Physics, 1998

  • Astrophysics
  • Worldview Stories
  • Stellar Astronomy
  • Outreach
  • Physics
  • Religion
  • Physics and Engineering
  • Thermal Physics
  • Optics
  • Particle Physics
  • Cosmology
  • Stellar and Galactic
  • Astrophysics
  • Astronomy
  • Stars
  • Relativity
  • Supernovae
  • Exoplanets
  • Asteroids
  • Science and Faith in Dialogue
  • Dutch Astronomical Society (NAC): member
  • American Astrophysics Society: member
  • American Scientific Affiliation: member
  • American Association of Physics Teachers: member
  • Sigma Pi Sigma: member

Wheaton College Celebrates Year of "Light"

The United Nations declared 2015 the international year of “light”. The organization is supporting programs all over the world to raise awareness of light-based technologies as well as celebrate noteworthy scientific achievements related to light. Wheaton College is hosting its own light celebration tomorrow afternoon. Dr. AJ Poelarends is a professor of physics and astronomy at Wheaton College. He tells WDCB News Reporter Gary Zidek many people don’t realize the important role light plays in everyday life...
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  • ASTR 302 - Stellar Astronomy
  • ASTR 305 - Astronomy
  • CORE 307 - Cosmology
  • PHYS 231 - Introductory Physics I
  • PHYS 232 - Introductory Physics II
  • PHYS 233 - Introduction to Relativity
  • PHYS 234 - Introduction to Quantum Physics
  • PHYS 294 - Physics and Engineering Seminar
  • PHYS 315 - Dakota Skies: Atmospheric Science and Astronomy in the Black Hills
  • PHYS 333 - Thermal Physics and Fluids
  • PHYS 353 - Introductory Optics
  • PHYS 366 - Particle Physics and Cosmology
  • PHYS 367 - Introduction to Stellar and Galactic Astrophysics


Dr. Poelarends research focuses on the evolution of stars, specifically those between eight to ten times as massive as the sun, i.e. the transition zone between stars that evolve into a white dwarf and stars that explode as a supernova and form a neutron star. He is particularly interested in the later stages of their evolution and uses computational modeling to study their pre-supernova evolution and chemical makeup. These stars could possibly be the birthplace of a significant fraction of the chemical elements in our galaxy (r-process elements), the origin of which we don’t yet know.

In addition to numerical/theoretical research, Dr. Poelarends also uses the new Wheaton telescope to carry out meaningful astronomical observations of objects that are out of reach of amateur telescopes and not important enough for professional telescopes. Currently, he focuses his efforts on the detection of exoplanets. This research resulted in a very fruitful observing campaign during the summer of 2012, in which one of his undergraduate students detected several exoplanets. Possible future areas of research might also be variable stars and asteroids.

The last area of interest is the intersection of science and faith. Dr. Poelarends is particularly interested in the role of worldview stories, and how these shape our identity, our view of God and this reality, and our ethics.

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