Programs in Urban Studies

Students may obtain a major or minor in Urban Studies at Wheaton College.

Students interested in the Urban Studies major or minor should consider taking URBN 114 The Social Life of Cities. This course introduces students to the academic study of cities. It fulfills a general education requirement in the social sciences, is required for the Urban Studies major and minor and is a prerequisite to the Wheaton in Chicago program.

Major and Minor Requirements

The major consists of core courses, the Wheaton in Chicago experience, a methodology requirement, electives, and the capstone.

The minor consists of core courses, the Wheaton in Chicago experience, and the capstone.

Double Major Opportunities

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the Urban Studies program, students who want to double major will find many straightforward possibilities.

HNGR Partnership

Students who are interested in Urban Studies and HNGR (Human Needs & Global Resources) are urged to work closely with faculty and staff in both programs to explore the possibility of connecting these programs.