Student Employment

At Wheaton College, mathematics students have the opportunity to work for the department as calculus lab workers, teaching assistants, and tutors.  As they teach others, students benefit themselves by learning and reviewing the material thoroughly.  These positions also provide valuable teaching experience, especially for students applying to graduate school, or pursuing a career in mathematics education.

Calculus Lab Workers

Calculus labs, also called “drill sessions” take place on Thursdays to complement the lectures in Calculus I, II, and Applied Calculus.  The department employs several students for semester-long positions as calculus lab workers to manage these Thursday sessions by teaching underclassmen, answering questions, clarifying concepts, and proctoring quizzes and exams.

Teaching Assistants

Upperclassmen may apply for a semester-long teaching assistantship to work closely with a professor in a specific class.  The duties of a teaching assistant vary by class, but may include attending class sessions, assisting with group work, grading homework and quizzes, and conducting evening study sessions.


Qualified students may apply to be listed as certified tutors for specific courses.  Tutors make arrangements to work one-on-one with interested students, either on or off campus.  Wheaton College makes the list of certified tutors available to the community, allowing Wheaton College math students the opportunity to tutor local high school and middle school students.