Recent IDS Graduates

When faced with a swift-moving pandemic and sudden switch to remote learning last spring, the 2020 IDS graduates persevered, adapted to remote learning, and completed remarkable final projects. On this page, you will find profiles of our 2020 graduates featuring their excellent work and perspectives on the program.

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Katelyn Beaghan '20

"I integrated select coursework from Applied Health Sciences and Biblical & Theological Studies to investigate physical and spiritual nourishment."

A male student holds an electric guitar.
Jared Smith '20

"My final project has been to write, produce, and record a heavy metal album examining the theological discussion between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, with a special focus on the story of Isaac and Ishmael."

An IDS alumna smiles at the camera.
Bethany Peterson '20

"I studied blogger/influencer culture to understand how women have used media to gain credibility and authority to teach in the evangelical world."

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Emil Ginter '20

"I appreciate the IDS program's ability to be a point of connection between students who wouldn't normally cross paths because they are studying different things."

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Hannah Sanders '20

"The flexibility of planning my own program of study allowed me to take the classes I need for graduate school and complete the HNGR program, all while diving into research on a topic I was passionate about."

An IDS alumna smiles at the camera.
McKenzie Gallagher '20

"Through the lenses of sociology, communication, and art, I studied the complexities of living with a mixed-race identity in the context of the United States."

Caroline Willett '20

"I have grown more as an IDS major than I would have in any other major."