History Major

Requirements for the History major are 36 hours in History. That sequence includes two components:

  1. HIST 201, Why History, which is an  introduction to the discipline of history normally completed during the freshman or sophomore year;
  2. HIST 494, Christianity and Historical Study, which is the department’s culminating capstone course normally taken during the senior year

Additional requirements for the History major include four upper division hours from each of the following categories: American, European, and non-western (Asian, African, or Latin American), and four hours in the history of Christianity. After these requirements are met, students have credit hours remaining for electives in the department. Some specialize in a particular area of history; others pursue topics of interest more broadly. Some participate in internships or study abroad. With departmental approval, qualified students may pursue in-depth research that results in an undergraduate thesis for honors in history (HIST 498 and 499). No more than eight hours of cross-listed courses may apply to the major. Eight hours from other departments may be substituted for four hours in History with the approval of the History Department chair.

History majors who are pursing the Accelerated Masters of Arts in Teaching begin their graduate coursework their senior year.