English Minor


A minor in English requires a minimum of 20 hours.

Foundational Courses (12 hours):

Any 100-level ENGL course with an LE tag  
ENGL 215 or ENGL 221 
One 300-level Historical Context course 
Pre-18th century  
ENGL 329: Old English Language and Literature
ENGL 331: Medieval Literature
ENGL 336: Renaissance
ENGL 337: Seventeenth-Century Literature
18th and 19th centuries  
ENGL 338: Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature
ENGL 341: Early American Literature
ENGL 352: Transatlantic Crossroads in Modern Literature
ENGL 355: The Romantic Period
ENGL 361: Victorian Literature
20th and 21st centuries  
ENGL 342: American Modernism/Global Modernism
ENGL 343: American Literature after 1945
ENGL 344: Diverse Traditions in 20th-Century American
ENGL 364: British Modernism: 1900-1939
ENGL 365: British Literature after 1939
ENGL 366: British Black and Asian Literature
ENGL 367: Postcolonial Literature
ENGL 371:  Modern European Literature

Elective Courses (8 hours):

Choose from ENGW 213, ENGW 214, ENGW 233, any 300- or 400-level ENGL or ENGW courses (Note: ENGL 485/486: Wade Center Authors and ENGL/ENGW 494: Senior Seminar may not be used as electives for the minor.)

For descriptions of the English course offerings for the Minor electives, please see the College Course Catalog under the Academics section of the College website at www.wheaton.edu/Academics/Course-Catalog.