Dr. Christina Bieber Lake Wins Aldersgate Prize

Dr. Christina Bieber LakeOnce again, congratulations are in order to Dr. Christina Bieber Lake, whose book Prophets of the Post-Human: American Literature, Biotechnology, and the Ethics of Personhood has been awarded the Aldersgate Prize. From a field of some seventy nominations, Indiana Wesleyan University’s John Wesley Honors College chose Bieber Lake for the 2014 Aldersgate Prize in recognition of her book’s integrative analysis of human flourishing, as well as its accessibility to a broad readership and quality of literary analysis.

Summing up the selection committee’s consensus, one member noted that Bieber Lake’s "interdisciplinary engagement of life’s complexities offers a model for how scholars might extend the scope of their analytical purview to ‘big questions’ by drawing deeply on the particular strengths that their chosen academic discipline can contribute to these broader conversations."

As the 2014 recipient of the Aldersgate Prize, Bieber Lake will give the keynote address at Indiana Wesleyan University’s Faith and Learning Luncheon to share her reflections on writing Prophets of the Post-Human.