Chemistry Majors

One of my greatest opportunities for worship at Wheaton College was in the lab. I was constantly in awe of the mechanisms and pathways that cells participated in, which would point me directly to the intricate nature of God. — Natasha Narang 2016, M.S., Molecular Targets and Drug Discoveries, Johns Hopkins University, Chemistry


The Chemistry department at Wheaton offers four different tracks in the major to allow you to concentrate on the area of your greatest interest.

Our faculty teach a full range of courses in their specialty areas including analytical, inorganic, organic, physical chemistry and biochemistry. The four major tracks available give you the flexibility to tailor your program to best meet your needs and interests.

Major/Minor Tracks

  • Chemistry Major
    Our Chemistry major prepares you for engaging a wide range of vocations in chemistry and related fields. More information on the Chemistry major.
  • NEW in Fall 2023!  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Drawing from our interdisciplinary connections with the Chemistry and Biology programs, this program studies life processes occurring at the molecular level. You will examine biological molecules, structures, and reactions, and learn how biological molecules interact to form cells and organisms. And you'll be well-prepared for graduate study in the biochemical sciences. More information on the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major
  • Chemistry Major with Biochemistry Concentration
    The Chemistry major with Biochemistry concentration builds on the foundational chemistry degree by incorporating courses at the interface of chemistry and biology. More information on the Biochemistry Concentration.
  • Chemistry Major ACS Certified*
    The Chemistry major ACS Certified offers additional advanced courses that provide a strong foundation in each of the major subfields of chemistry, the best preparation for a career in professional chemistry. More information on ACS Certified.
  • Chemistry Major ACS Certified* in Biochemistry
    The Chemistry major ACS Certified in Biochemistry is similar to that above, but has a greater emphasis on biochemistry. More information on ACS Certified in Biochemistry.
  • Chemistry Minor
    The chemistry minor includes the first two years of the chemistry program plus some advanced electives that help students develop good scientific laboratory techniques.  Many students considering medical school or allied health fields will benefit from a chemistry minor. More information on Chemistry minor.

* The department recommends an ACS major for those who are interested in jobs in industry or graduate programs in chemistry. 

Possible course sequence for Chemistry majors (PDF)

Specific course information can be found in the college catalog.