Business and Economics Majors

You can choose to major in economics or business/economics, or pursue a minor in economics, which pairs well with other related disciplines.

Our Majors

Beginning with a major in business administration in 1935, and the founding of the department in 1954, interest in business and economics has continued to grow, and today our majors are among the most popular on campus. We offer majors in Economics and Business/Economics, as well as a minor in Economics.

The principal difference between the two majors stems from the different upper-level course electives that students choose. Both programs build on an economic core consistent with a liberal arts foundation and are intentional about integrating the Christian faith and perspective with the study of economic life.


The economics major is designed to help students develop skills in analysis and decision making by becoming thoroughly grounded in the principles of economic reasoning. Students also gain an understanding of the economic relationships, forces, and patterns that influence the global economic order. An effort is made to apply economic analysis to a wide range of social and economic issues. Economics is a STEM major.


The business/economics major offers a range of courses that enable students to develop their understanding of the foundational issues of purpose, product/service creation, distribution channels, human and financial resources, technology, and information as they relate to principles of marketing, finance, management, financial information, and operations.