Department News

We're pleased to share recent news about the department, including updates on faculty and student awards and achievements. Along with this we have provided information on events that we hold throughout the school year.


Wheaton Economists Jeremy Cook and Jason Long write in the Atlantic on the centenary of the Tulsa race massacre

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Wheaton faculty launch the National COVID-19 Church Attendance Project seeking to understand the impact of the pandemic on church attendance

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Prof. P.J. Hill Essay Award

Stephanie Horst '24, Will Bennink '23, and Kevin Lin '24 received first, second, and third, respectively, for this year's P.J. Hill Essay Award. The economics essay topic for this annual award is selected by Professor Emeritus Dr. P.J. Hill in the fall of each academic year. The contest is open to all undergraduates of Wheaton College.

2021-2022 Department Awards

The department of Business and Economics gave the following student awards this year. Congratulations to our 2022 recipients:

Liliana Beauchemin '24 received the Col. John L. Robertson USAF Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to a sophomore business/economics or economics major based on academic excellence in departmental courses and contributions to Wheaton College via other activities.

Abigeil Doci '23 received the Linda and Seth Norton Scholarship. This award, given to a sophomore or junior, is based on academic excellence in both departmental and overall course work.

Lauren Cardozo '23 received the $10,000 Business and Economics Outstanding Student Award.
This award, given to a junior, is based on academic excellence in both departmental and overall course work, distinction via other accomplishments while at Wheaton College, and Christian character in and outside the classroom. 

Taylor Rudin '22 received the C. William Pollard Award for Business and the Liberal Arts.
This award is presented to a senior who exhibits outstanding future potential for leadership in the world of business by exemplifying during his or her studies at Wheaton College Christian maturity, academic excellence, enthusiasm for and potential for success in business, and the liberal arts ideal of breadth and depth of perspective. 

Wheaton Team Sweeps APEX Competition

Congratulations to Cory Trotti ’20, Tyler Waaler ’19, Daniel Small ’19, and Jenny Hudson ’19 (pictured below) for their first-place finish at APEX, Allstate’s annual regional competition. In this competition between interdisciplinary teams, students work with an Allstate professional to analyze a relevant Allstate business issue and develop an executive-ready presentation, which the top three teams then present to a panel of Allstate's senior leaders.

APEX 2019 winners

"APEX has been the most valuable business-related program that I have participated in during my time here at Wheaton. It's an immersive program that gives you the opportunity to analyze a real-world business problem while working alongside Financial Analysts at Allstate. It incorporates some of the most valuable skills that employers are typically looking for." -Daniel Small

"APEX provided me with an environment in which I could ask questions and learn more deeply about financial analysis and data-driven solution making. My teammates and my advisors provided a support system that encouraged me to press into areas of learning from which I generally shy away. I am a more confident learner and doer as a result of my experience!" -Jenny Hudson

"APEX gave me a greater appreciation of my liberal arts education, as our group used the critical thinking, creative problem solving, and communication skills we have built up as students in order to achieve team success.  Because of APEX, I have first-hand confidence in the way Wheaton prepares its students for the competitive post-graduate job market." -Tyler Waaler

Weekly Meal and Lecture

Ewert - Coolidge Home Dinner

For the last 40 years, Dr. Norm Ewert, professor of business and economics emeritus, and his wife, Dr. Sharon Coolidge ’72, chair of English, have hosted students for a weekly meal and lecture. Speakers have included: Jonathan Bonk, author of Missions and Money; Jon Halverson ’89, vice president of Land O’ Lakes, Inc.’s International Development Department Division; and David Zac Niringiye, the Church of Uganda's retired assistant bishop of Kampala. 

Mock Interviews

Bill Lesner, vice president with Project World Impact and a business consultant who retired from a 37-year career with General Motors, helps students make outstanding impressions on potential employers. He estimates he has interviewed, counseled, or mentored more than 400 students in six years. "The goal is not just to practice interviewing, but to teach a process of interview preparation." For instance, he teaches a specific way to answer the common icebreaker, "Tell me about yourself," in such a way that it sets the tone for the entire interview.

Other Events

  • Presentations by leaders in the fields of business and economics
  • Gatherings, hosted by female faculty, for women in the B/EC and Economics majors
  • Open house receptions and a department Christmas party