Next Generation Science Standards

Students who complete the Wheaton Science Education Program graduate with a full BS in their science major (Biology, Chemistry or Physics) and a full degree in Secondary Education. Graduates earn their Illinois Professional Educator License with an endorsement in either Biology, Chemistry or Physics for grades 9-12. 

What Can I Teach?

Graduates are licensed to teach their science content area in grades 9-12, as well as any electives associated with that content. For example, A Biology Education graduate is licensed to teach Biology in grades 9-12 and also electives such as ecology, botany, or AP Biology. Graduates can also teach the entry level of any other science. For example, a Chemistry Ed graduate can also teach general Physics or general Biology but not electives or upper division classes associated with those contents.

Graduates automatically earn their middle grades General Science endorsement in grades 5-8 by passing the IL middle grades content area test in their content. 

Subsequent Endorsements:

Science Majors can also earn additional science endorsements by completely 12 hours OR passing the IL content area test in that science content. Subsequent science endorsements can be earned in

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Earth Science
  • Environmental Science

Non-Science additional endorsements can also be earned in areas such as Special Education, ESL/Bilingual or additional middle grades content areas by completing 18 hours in that field AND passing the associated content area test.