Go Beyond the Classroom

Internships that place you at the heart of one of the most dynamic cities in the country, courses that equip and challenge you to probe the complexities of urban life, exciting and stimulating field trips that give you access to people and places in the city you wouldn’t normally get, and the moments of daily serendipity where God continues to speak through the people and communities of Chicago… these are all ways that Wheaton in Chicago takes you beyond the classroom.

Wheaton in Chicago Semester Program

The Wheaton in Chicago program presents an ideal opportunity to help guide future career and calling to urban environments. Perhaps you have been interested in working and living in an urban setting for a long time, or it is a new-found interest. Wheaton in Chicago provides an experience that gives you tools to integrate faith and learning, theory and practice, through professional internships and a curriculum that combines upper division Urban Studies and Biblical and Theological Studies.

While the specific course offerings may vary somewhat each semester, generally all students register for:

  • Theologies of Transformation: Public and Political Theologies in Urban Context (4)
  • An internship (or practicum) either in your major or in your area of interest (8)

Students may also register for:

  • Chicago (4)

The Application Process

Students considering the residential program should sign up to take Social Life of Cities (URBN 114). It is suggested that students apply to the program well in advance of the semester in which they intend on participating in the program. Applications, along with a $100 non-refundable deposit, must be received no later than the end of A Quad of the preceding semester. The fee is applied to program costs. The Urban Studies department makes every effort to accommodate all students who apply.

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