Go Beyond the Campus

While at Wheaton College students are not strangers to Chicago. Many choose to come to Wheaton because it is so close to the city. But, for some students simply visiting Chicago is not enough and for one semester, these students choose to live and work in one of the most diverse, exciting, complex, and historic cities in the world.

The Woodlawn Neighborhood

Wheaton in Chicago students live in a newly renovated facility in the Woodlawn neighborhood, in partnership with Sunshine Gospel Ministries. Woodlawn is located along the city's south lakefront with easy access to public transportation that connects students to the rest of the city. 

Living in Community

Wheaton in Chicago students become part of three communities: the Wheaton in Chicago community, the neighborhood, and the city of Chicago as a whole. Students are able to connect and contribute to the Wheaton in Chicago community through classes, shared meals, worship, and recreation. They become part of the city's neighborhoods through their internships, church attendance, and volunteer opportunities. They encounter the city by attending citywide events and participating in its social and political life. All of these community experiences are integral to the learning experience, where students are challenged to see the world around them from new perspectives, gaining exposure to issues and people with which they are unfamiliar.


The tuition and room charges for the program are the same as those for students living in on-campus College-owned housing. The tuition also covers the cost of using public transportation in Chicago. Students pay for their own meals while in the program. Anyone eligible for financial aid will be able to use it to pay for this semester.

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