Dee Crye

dee crye
Dee Crye

Operations Manager, Wheaton College Billy Graham Center Church Evangelism Institute


Dee Crye is the Operations Manager of the Billy Graham Centers’ Church Evangelism Institute (CEI), providing leadership and oversight to expand the quality, reach, and impact of the work of CEI and the Research Institute. Prior to joining the institute, she worked at the country’s first community college facilitating employee-based diversity, equity, and inclusion training. Passionate about equity, Dee serves on her local school board; as the first person of color in the school’s history. Her family was actively involved in their church’s plant, where she serves in a Senior Leadership capacity.

Dee has a Bachelor of Science in Business (Lewis University)

Master of Science in Non-Profit Management (Spertus University)

She is currently completing her Doctorate in Educational Leadership (St. Francis University).

Her research explores the factors that contribute to the perceived experiences of African American females at predominately White institutions. She has over 30 years of leadership experience, including ministry, non-profit, young adult discipleship, program, event management, and training facilitation.